Faculty of Engineering – Ain Shams University (FASHAMS)

The main organizing institution is the Faculty of Engineering – Ain Shams University (FASHAMS), one of the oldest (1839) and most prestigious colleges offering Engineering Education in Egypt and the Middle East. The college is composed of 13 departments covering basic and advanced engineering disciplines.

FASHAMS is a leader in Date palm by-products research and development, in 1989 the college began to direct its research activities to rediscover the products of pruning of the date palm as a sustainable material base for the establishment of SMEs, especially in villages having extensive palm plantations. The research efforts were first aiming at characterizing the physical and mechanical properties of date palm midribs and benchmarking them against other known wood species. The research continued towards the study of the potential use of the date palm midribs as a core material in block boards, as well as using it for making particle boards and medium density fiberboards (MDF). The research further extended to the use of palm midribs in the production of lumber- like products, as well as the production of strands and Nano-particles for the reinforcement of polymeric composites.

The Egyptian Society for Endogenous Development (EGYCOM)

The conference society partner is EGYCOM, a very active society involved with exploring and rediscovering new capacities, potentials, and ways to utilize the neglected local resources and raw materials to help local communities rediscover their latent capabilities in productive work, cultural revival, and technological innovation. Through scientific experimentation and technological innovation, EGYCOM builds up new linkages between these local resources and the most up-to-date basic needs. This “interface of innovation” produces new methods and techniques to handle and manufacture these traditional materials into modern forms and images, well-adjusted to meet the needs of our modern life.



The conference chairman is the Legendary Professor Dr. Hamed El-Mously, Emeritus Professor at the Faculty of Engineering – Ain Shams University, Egypt.

Dr. El-Mously is recognized as the founding father of Date Palm by-products research and development, and one of the warriors of sustainable development of local communities. He received numerous prestigious awards for his work, such as Khalifa International Award for Date Palm and Agriculture Innovation 2013.

Founder & Co-Chair

The conference founder & co-chair is Dr. Mohamad Midani, Assistant Professor in the Materials Engineering Department at the German University in Cairo, he also serves on the advisory board of Middle East Co. for Textiles.

Dr. Midani is an expert in natural fibers used in the reinforcement of polymeric composites and inventor of the long micro-fibrillated date palm midrib fibers.

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