2nd World Conference onBy-Products of Palm TreesAnd Their Applications (ByPalma)

15th – 17th Dec

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Why palm trees?

The Palmae family includes a wide variety of species (e.g. date, coconut, oil, doum, sugar, etc.)

They’re considered the main source of livelihood for significant sectors of the world population especially in the south.

The main product (cash crop) was the focus of international conferences worldwide.

Their by-products (secondary products) received little attention from the scientific community.

Different species, yet, similar by-products!

Most palm species have similar by-products of annual pruning including; palm leaflets, midribs, fruit branches and coir, as well as the trunk at the end of palm life.

These by-products may represent a sustainable material base for a wide spectrum of industries ranging from compost, medium density fiberboards (MDF), block boards, and pulp, up to fiber reinforcements for advanced composites.

This opens a wide potential for the sustainable development of rural and urban areas possessing palm plantation.

ByPalma 2020

ByPalma is the only conference of its kind solely focusing on the by-products of palm plantations around the globe and their current and potential applications.

It will provide an interdisciplinary platform for leading academic scientists, researchers, artisans, entrepreneurs and industry professionals as well as palm growers.

Participants will exchange recent developments, technologies, innovations, trends, concerns, challenges, and opportunities, related to palm by-products R&D, manufacturing, and crafts.

Host Country and Institution

The host country Malaysia, has the world’s second largest population of oil palm, with 4.49 million hectares of oil palm cultivation.
Malaysia’s palm oil industry produces annually about 90 million tonnes of palm by-products, including empty fruit bunches, oil palm trunks, and oil palm fronds, as well as palm oil mill effluent.

The host institution Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), a world renowned center of learning and research, and home to the Institute of Tropical Forestry and Forest Products (INTROP).
INTROP focus on forest canopy management, bioresources valuation and sustainability, and sustainable utilisation of biocomposite products.

On behalf of the organizing committee, we extend a warm welcome and invite you to participate in this conference in the marvelous city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Highlights of the Conference

The following events are specifically planned to encourage design, innovation, and product development activities amongst the youth.

  • Zero Agro"Waste" Competition

    Young researchers and artisans from around the globe are invited to showcase their innovative products and creative crafts from palm by-products. The innovation contest follows the same theme of the conference which is rediscovering palm by-products as a resource for the sustainable development of rural communities.

  • Palm By-Products Innovation and Crafts Exhibition

    The exhibition will showcase traditional and modern products and crafts made from palm by-products. Companies having commercial products as well as start-ups with working prototypes will have the chance to participate. The exhibition will also showcase the entries of the contest winners.

  • Poster Contest

    Poster abstracts are invited from researchers and students in different areas of palm by-products. The poster committee would evaluate them for scientific content, aesthetics and originality in the area of presentation.

Distinguished Speakers


Dr. Hamed El Mously
Ain Shams University, Egypt

Dr. Mohammad Jawaid
Putra University, Malaysia

Dr. Arno Fruehwald
University of Hamburg, Germany

Sponsors and Partners

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